How I Edit My Blog & Instagram Photos

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

how to edit blog & Instagram photos

| How I Take & Edit My Blog / Instagram Photos! |

During a blog planning session at the start of this month, I was looking back at my old posts for inspiration as well as looking at my analytics to see what type of posts people enjoy reading. My post on 'How To Take Bright & Airy Instagram Photos' is by far my most popular post ever and seeing as my blog/Instagram photography process is quite different now I thought I'd do an updated version.

How I take my Instagram photos

1) How I Take My Photos:

- Planning: I always have a planning session before I take my photos so I know what type of shots I want to take i.e flatlays, dressing table photos etc. I have a saved folder on Instagram of some of my old photos that I've posted on Instagram over the years. It's handy to have this folder so I can remember all of the different props I have to work with and the different areas of my house that I can shoot in. The above photo is a screenshot of my saved folder so you can see how visual it is and it's handy seeing lots of different types of photos. 

- Equipment: For my blog photos, I mostly use my Canon 1200d with a 50mm F/1.8 lens. For Instagram, I use a mixture of photos taken on my DSLR and photos taken on my iPhone 6s. When I'm taking Instagram photos on my phone I try to use the camera within the Instagram app as I find the photos are better quality.
Below is a few phone vs DSLR photos:

DSLR vs Phone photography
Phone vs DSLR photography

2) How I Edit My Blog Photography:
I've tried various different editing tools to edit my blog photos from Lightroom to Picmonkey to A Colour Story but I always end up coming back to VSCO. It's the easiest app for me to use, I can edit on the go and it's free too! 

1. Sharpen/Clarity: Regardless of whether I've taken a photo on my phone or camera I always use the sharpen and clarity tools to ensure the photo is sharp and 100% in focus. Each photo is different but I generally bump up the sharpen tool between 2 and 3. On VSCO each number has a decimal point so it allows me to be a bit more precise with the sharpening tool.

2. Filter: I usually use the M5 or the T1 filters on VSCO but I don't like my blog photos to be overly filtered so I usually only apply the filter at level 2 or 3.

3. Brightness: I usually increase the brightness between 0.5 and 1.

4. Contrast: I always adjust the contrast if I adjusted the brightness and I never increase it more than 0.5.

5. Highlights Tint: I don't do this to every photo but if I have a lot of pink things in a photo and the photo looks a bit dull then I'll add a pink tint to it like the first photo in this post.

how to edit blog & Instagram photos

3) How I Edit My Instagram Photos:
For editing my Instagram photos I still use the editing tools within the app! I think they're great!

1. Straighten: I don't always do this step but sometimes I need to take photos at a weird angle to fit everything into the frame so sometimes they come out severely crooked, haha! If my photo is in anyway slanted then the first thing I'll do is straighten it. Each photo is different but for the photo below I adjusted the angle by -2.75 degrees.

2. Sharpen: The next thing I usually do is sharpen the photo and I usually bump up the sharpening tool between 8-12 depending on how sharp the photo already is.

3. Brightness: I love bright images and I try to get the brightness right when I take the photo but living in Ireland where it's often dull and rainy, it isn't always possible so the brightness tool saves my photos! I usually adjust the brightness levels between 10-20 but it depends on the photo. There's one photo in my Instagram drafts where I've only adjusted the brightness to 2.

4. Highlights & Shadows: Increasing the brightness can often create unwanted shadows and make the colours in photographs less vibrant and to combat this I like to lower the highlights and shadows. I tend to lower them between -1 and -10.

5. Filter: To ensure that my Instagram feed has a theme I use the same filter on all of my photos. My favourite is the Aden filter and I usually bump it up to 65-75. It gives a warm pink and golden toned photo and it looks dreamy on photos!

6. Extras// Saturation & Contrast: I usually leave it at that for most of my photos but the odd time I'll adjust the contrast and saturation tools if the photo needs it. 

how to edit blog & Instagram photos
how to edit blog & Instagram photos
How to edit Instagram photos

How do you take and edit your Blog / Instagram photos?

Cliona xx

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