Five Evening Essentials

Friday, 4 May 2018

Evening essentials

| Five Evening Essentials! |

You can't beat a cosy evening in and ever since learning about the importance of self-care, I've developed a cosy self-care evening routine that I can look forward to each day. Skincare is one of my favourite ways to embrace self-care and it's important to look after our skin anyway so I like to pamper my skin in the evenings. For today's post, I'll be sharing my top 5 picks for treating my skin in the evenings.

1) A Nourishing Cleanser:
On the days when I'm wearing SPF and makeup, I always double cleanse, starting off with a gel, oil or balm cleanser. I recently discovered the Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser which is a gel cleanser that turns into an oily consistency when it's wet. The product removes makeup well, it's kind to my sensitive skin, it leaves my skin feeling nourished and it has a delicious sweet scent of oranges! I highly recommend this budget gem!

2) Glycolic Acid:
Glycolic Acid has become one of my favourite skincare ingredients! In the evenings I like to use the cult classic, Pixi Glow Tonic after cleansing which exfoliates the skin, helping improve the skin's texture, breakouts and radiance. My skin always looks clearer and slightly brighter when this is in my routine. 

3) Facial Oil:
I don't use a facial oil every night but a couple of times a week I like to bathe my skin in a luxurious oil to help combat dry skin. My favourite is the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil and the blend of nine botanical ingredients help detoxify, soothe and nourish the skin. It's a bit of a wonder product as it helps soothe any breakouts or redness whilst also nourishing the skin to prevent any dry or flaky patches forming. 

4) An Overnight Mask:
You're all probably sick of me mentioning the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask at this stage but it's just so good - I can't stop using it and raving about it! After applying this, I always wake up to soft, plump skin! The formula is thick enough to deeply nourish the skin but it's not too thick that it breaks me out, and as well as that, the Moisture Surge range is fragrance-free so it's a gentle product ideal for my sensitive prone skin and it doesn't aggravate my breakouts either. 

5) Hydrating Hand Cream:
My hands are constantly dry so a hand cream is the most important step in my beauty routine. At the moment, I'm currently using the Zoella Winter Wonder Hand Cream which has a lovely light and non-greasy formula, and the scent is fresh with a subtle hint of sweetness.

What are your evening essentials?

Cliona xx

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