Three New Haircare Favourites

Monday 28 May 2018

| Three New Haircare Favourites! |

I've always been lazy with my haircare routine, as long as it was washed, brushed, a quick blast of the blow-dryer and maybe the odd hair mask then I was happy enough. However, recently I felt the urge to up my haircare game and I wanted to develop a proper styling routine, so I treated myself to some new haircare products from Umberto Giannini.

I wanted to switch up my shampoo after using the same one for around 3 years but I was apprehensive about trying something new. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the Umberto Giannini Beach Wash Coconut Oil Shampoo and I think this might make the cut as one of my favourite shampoos *insert a surprised face emoji* 
The biggest difference I noticed with my hair after incorporating this into my routine was how soft and lightweight my hair felt. Normally my hair can feel quite heavy and weighed down but I've been using this for three weeks now and my hair has been feeling light and bouncy these past few weeks. The main ingredient is coconut oil which is known to have many benefits for the hair and it's probably why my hair has felt so soft since using this and it also helped soothe and nourish my scalp because it was starting to feel quite dry. 

The second product I've added to my haircare routine is the Frizz Control Styling Milk which has a milky lotion texture (similar to a cleansing milk) that claims to tame frizzy, unruly hair and provide heat protection. I've never tried a hair styling product with a milky consistency and it was something I was worried about, to be honest as I thought it might make my hair greasy or weighed down. However, I needn't have worried because it didn't do either of those and in fact, it has been one of the best products I've tried for taming frizz. I still get flyaways, especially on humid days but I'm pretty sure everyone gets that but I haven't been getting that thick, unruly frizz when I use this.

The last product I've been using is their Blow Dry In A Bottle and although the result with this wasn't as noticeable as the other two products, it has still been a great addition to my routine. I've been spraying this in my roots and to the ends of my hair for volume. It also claims to provide a smooth finish but when I used it on its own without the styling milk my hair was a bit frizzier, so I'd recommend this if you're looking for volume and heat protection and I'd say go for the styling milk if you want to tame frizz. However, my hair has looked a lot healthier using all three of these in my routine and they've made me want to put more effort into styling my hair. I usually just throw my hair up in a ponytail or a bun but I'm looking into buying a curler so I can style it more often - I'm a new woman!

What are your favourite hair care products?

Cliona xx

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