Autumnal Vanity Table Decor

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

| Autumnal Vanity Table Decor! |

A new season engenders a lot of change. In Autumn, the leaves change colour and fall to the ground leaving a crunchy mound on the footpaths, the weather becomes chillier, there's a smell of chimney smoke in the air and the evenings become darker. I love the beginning of a new season, especially Autumn (I am an Autumn baby after all!), and one of my favourite things to do is switch up the decor on my vanity table to mirror the changing of the seasons. And it's finally time to share my Autumnal set up in today's post! 

The focal point of my seasonal vanity table setups is the garlands draped around the mirror and this season, I found it so hard to find a good one. They were either too dark or too Christmassy but in the end, I found this gorgeous gilded, sparkly leaf garland and I thought it was perfect! I actually found it in the Christmas section, however, I think it works for Autumn too.

For my vase, I always go for flowers that are much taller in proportion to the size of my vase as I think it adds a wow factor to that corner of the vanity. When I saw the beautiful copper coloured rose with copper foliage it instantly reminded me of the brown crunchy leaves. The foliage is sprayed with silver glitter and when the sun shines on my vanity the foliage has a beautiful shimmery iridescence, which I think captures the magic of Autumn perfectly. I also love how the leaves aren't perfect, some of them look crumpled and messy which makes them look more like real foliage.

There's nothing more Autumnal than cosy candles in my opinion so I added two festive ones to my setup. Every year I take out my little Bath & Body Works Autumn candle but I always light it sparingly as we can't get it over here and I'm dreading the day it runs out. The scent is sweet with a dash of freshness due to the notes of red apple, cedarwood and fir balsam and the copper lid with the leaf embossment is so festive! 
Another cute Autumnal candle that I picked up recently is the DW Home Pumpkin & Peppercorn candle from Home Sense which also has a festive lid with a little pumpkin on it - How cute?!

I also rearranged some of the products on display but nothing major, just some simple changes to give the space a little refresh. I'll link the post to my Spring dressing table decor if you'd like to see what it looked like before!

Have you made any changes to your home for Autumn?

Cliona xx

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