Finding Inspiration To Blog Again After Taking A Break

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Finding Inspiration To Blog Again After Taking A Break...

Recently, I took a little break from posting on my blog and when I was ready to come back to it I struggled immensely with finding motivation and creativity to come up with ideas and write some posts. Over the past few weeks, I've been slowly getting back into a blogging routine again and I thought I'd share a few things that have helped me find the inspiration to blog again...

1. Remembering Why I Started & Looking Back At Old Posts:
I was feeling a little disheartened about blogging in general as a lot of people are moving away from their blogs and I've even noticed a shift in Youtube too - people are posting less on their blogs/ Youtube and instead, a lot of people seem to be concentrating on Instagram over everything else. There's a lot of talk about blogs being dead and it just started to make me feel a little down about my own blog. As a social media consumer, I love Instagram and seeing quick stories and photos but I definitely prefer sitting down with a cup of tea to read an in-depth blog post, and also as a creator, I much prefer dedicating an hour to write out a full blog post. I work hard on each of my Instagram posts but sometimes it feels a bit futile because it's consumed for a day and then forgotten about whereas blog posts can be enjoyed for years to come. Gemma recently shared a great post about why she thinks blogging is in it for the long haul and I completely agreed with everything she said and her post definitely helped me feel better about blogging again!

I've mentioned this tip before but looking back at old posts definitely helps me remember why I started blogging in the first place, why I love it so much, why I've stuck to it for five + years (!!) as well as giving me some inspiration for new post ideas! Going back to have a read of some of my favourite posts I've created over the years when I was planning my content also helped me re-acquaint with my writing style so that I could move past writer's block to start writing some of the post ideas I came up with. 

2. Making A Cosy Workspace:
If you're a regular around here then you'll probably know that my vanity table is the centrepiece of my bedroom decor and I love to style it for each season. Faux copper foliage in Autumn, a sprinkling of gold sparkle at Christmas and pretty pink flowers for Spring/Summer. 

Switching up my decor definitely helps me feel inspired and come up with new content ideas for my blog! For this season's set up, I went with the same faux pink cherry blossoms draping over the mirror from last year, I also added some new pink flowers to my vase and I decided to keep the fairy lights on from my Christmas setup as they help lift my mood when I'm feeling a bit low and they make the space feel cosy when it's dull and rainy outside. If there's one thing you do to create a cosy workspace for yourself let it be adding fairy lights to your desk setup! 

Candles are also a must-have desk essential for me and my new favourite White Company candle has been motivating me to sit at my desk and get some work done even when the couch looks super comfy...

3. Improving My Focus & Productivity With The Pomodoro Technique:
I'm a serious procrastinator and I get distracted easily when it comes to trying to focus on tasks. Recently, I've been looking into ways that I can up my productivity and improve my ability to focus, and I came across the Pomodoro technique. Essentially you work on a task for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break and I've been finding it so helpful recently! I usually give myself a 2-hour window of some tasks that I want to get done and break them down into four sessions with four short breaks. Since practising this technique, I'm flying through my to-do lists, and overall I'm feeling less overwhelmed and on top of things at the moment.

4. Pushing Myself Out Of My Comfort Zone and Creating Fresh, Varied Content:
When I first started my blog I was mainly a lifestyle blogger and I shared a bit of everything from my daily outfits, recipes, life lately roundups, book reviews and just anything and everything that I was loving! However, as I got into beauty more and more, my blog naturally started to transition to a beauty blog with only a few lifestyle posts here and there. Sometimes I worry that my beauty posts are too repetitive but they're the posts that people seem to enjoy more from me, especially on Instagram! In the past year, I've definitely learned that I should be posting what I want to read/ create and personally, I love reading a mixture of lifestyle and beauty posts so going forward I'm hoping to have a good balance between the two!

I'd be really interested to hear what type of blog posts that you love reading the most! 
Are beauty posts still your favourite or do you like a variety of beauty and lifestyle?
For me, I always click on the beauty posts first, but I also love reading life lately roundups, monthly goals, blogging tips, productivity/ organisation, book recommendations, recipes, outfits, wish lists and any pampering / self-care related posts - a mixed bag really!

How do you find inspiration to blog?

Cliona xx

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