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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Life Lately...

One of my goals this year is to share a bit more of me and some lifestyle content on my blog, and one of my favourite type of lifestyle posts to read and write is life lately roundups. So stick on the kettle for yourself (I just did!) and let's have a little chat about how things are going in my life right now...

1. Mental Health: 
My year got off to a bit of a rocky start after I had whooping cough for nearly two months and my mental health got particularly worse after it. After the intense coughing fits, I was physically and mentally drained, and my mood was low and anxious as a result, and it stopped me from doing a lot of things. But in recent weeks, my mindset has completely changed, I'm feeling like myself again, I'm able to get out and about more and do things even if they cause me anxiety. I have the tools to remain calm and work through anything that my anxiety throws at me, but I just need to remember to take things one small step at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.

2. Driving Lessons:
I must be the world's biggest procrastinator because after passing my driver theory test back in February, I put off booking my driving lessons until a few weeks ago *insert the monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji* I've had a few lessons so far and I'm really pleased with how it's going! I've been doing a lot of practice with my Mam too and I'm improving each day. It's actually so much fun to drive and I don't know why I put it off for so long! I'm already feeling more confident in myself and my abilities - I really can do anything I put my mind to once I push past my fears! And I just know that driving is going to give me so much more independence and confidence.

3. Getting Back Into A Blogging Routine:
I ended up taking the longest break from blogging/ Instagram I've ever had for an entire month back in April as I just wasn't feeling well in myself at all so I didn't want to force content just for the sake of posting. However, I'm starting to feel brighter and more energised and naturally, my blogging mojo is returning and I'm settling into a routine of regular posting again. At the moment, posting twice a week is working well for me, and I'm also trying to push myself out of my comfort zone with my content by creating a few more lifestyle posts. I'm enjoying posting a wider variety of posts at the moment and I'm hoping it'll help me avoid blogger burnout again. And I also think my new blog design that I got back in April helped me feel inspired again too!

4. This Is My Year!
Despite a rocky start to the year with my mental health, I really feel like this year is turning around and it's going to be my year! On top of the driving and feeling better, we also had some exciting family news so that's something to look forward to as well! We had a little celebration together and it was the most special day ever - I took lots of photos and I just can't stop looking through them all! 

A lot of you probably don't know but I've struggled up and down with my mental health since I was 15 and it took a lot of my teenage years and experiences away from me. My difficulties have stopped me going to school, isolated me to be housebound at times and required me to take some medical leave from University. Recently, I've been working really hard to work through my anxiety, push myself to do things, be more conscious of my thoughts and just take things one day at a time to avoid the feeling of overwhelm. This year, it's my time to get out there and live, and not let my fears stop me from doing everything I want to achieve! 

5. Summer Activities:
Apart from a few sunny days here and there, I feel like this Summer has been a bit of a fail with the weather so far and I feel like I haven't done that many fun Summery things yet as a result - but there's plenty of time yet! With all the rain we've been having, it was the perfect excuse to hibernate in the cinema to see Aladdin with a BIG bag of popcorn and a warm cup of tea. I hadn't been to the cinema in over a year because of my anxiety but I loved every second of it and I wasn't anxious at all. I definitely want to make more of an effort to go to the cinema now, especially as I have 2 for €10 tickets with my mobile network so it's a really cheap little outing!

This past weekend though we had a little bit of sunshine here in Ireland and one of my favourite ways to spend a sunny day is by the sea having fish & chips. I brought my book with me to sneak in a few minutes to read in the sun and we also found a lovely ice cream place too where I got some Kinder Bueno ice cream - Yum!

What have you all been up to lately?

Cliona xx

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