Making The Most Of Instagram

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Making The Most Of Instagram...

Just when I thought Instagram engagement was starting to improve, it takes a massive dive again! I'm pretty sure it's just a Summer thing, I usually notice a drop in traffic on my blog at this time of year too as people are busier, away on holidays or making the most of the brighter evenings and warmer weather. Although in saying that it's never been this bad before, none-the-less hopefully, things will pick up again! Until then I'm trying to make the most of the platform and finding ways to still enjoy posting, and I thought I'd share the four ways I'm doing that in case anyone else has been feeling a little disheartened with Instagram recently. 

1. Posting Whatever You Want:
The biggest lesson I've learned about Instagram recently is that a photo will either do well or it won't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, or magic formula for creating a photo that will do well so, at the moment, I'm just enjoying posting whatever makes me happy and not worrying about how well it will do. I've been wanting to post more variety instead of just beauty flatlays all the time and it has made me feel more inspired to post again! If you're on the fence about sharing something a little different to your usual style then I say just go for it!

2. Like, Comment & Comment Some More:
The only way to get people's photos to show up in our feed these days is by engaging with the content. If you like someone's content then let them know by giving their posts a like or a quick comment! An easy way for me to make sure I've engaged with enough people each day is by returning comments that are left on my posts. I never even bother looking through my feed anymore as half the posts just don't show up, so instead I also search for some of my favourite blogger's accounts so I can show some love to their posts! It's definitely a little time consuming but it's so worth it as I know how much hard work goes into creating content and I want to support what fellow bloggers are doing. And at the end of the day if you don't support other people in the community then you can't really expect people to support your content either. 

3. Get Creative With Instagram Stories:
My blog and my main Instagram feed have always been my top priorities when I'm creating content so I've always found it hard to balance Insta Stories on top of them. But I love watching stories from my favourite bloggers so one of my blogging goals for the year is to get back into posting some myself and eventually get back to doing chatty stories too. At the moment, I'm having fun with getting creative with time lapses, GIFs, different fonts, doodles and music. I use a few apps for helping me create some fun stories such as Hyperlapse, Story Art and Story Luxe but to be honest I mostly just use the tools that Instagram Stories already has - so you don't even need any external apps to have fun with your stories!

4. Make The Most Of Captions:
I know long captions aren't for everyone and I completely get it, sometimes you just want a quick scroll and reading a lengthy caption is the last thing you want to do, haha! However, I personally love a longer caption as I find it easier to engage with the photo and leave a genuine comment, and you get to know the blogger better too with longer captions. I'll always bookmark photos with longer captions to come back to have a read later if I'm just having a quick scroll throughout the day. However, I don't always have something interesting to say so I try to share a balance of both lengthy, chatty captions as well as ones that are short, sweet and to the point! The last point I wanted to make about captions is ending them with a question which is a great way to encourage people to leave a comment.

Have you any tips for making the most of Instagram?

Cliona xx

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