My October To Do List

Thursday, 3 October 2019

October Goals

My October To-Do List...

Another month is over and it's crazy how quickly the end of the year is drawing in! I'm ready for the golden leaves to make their annual descent from the trees, to hear the crunching of the leaves under my feet, to wrap up in berets and fluffy coats, and to drink hot chocolates brimming with mini marshmallows. September was a busy month for me with adjusting to college life again but I'm starting to feel more settled with my routine now. Now that things are settling down a bit I'm looking forward to the new month ahead and I've jotted down a few goals and to-dos for my favourite month of the year...

1. Birthday Plans:
It's my birthday in less than two weeks time and I'm really looking forward to a chilled cosy celebration. All I need is pizza and cake, and I'm a happy gal! My birthday is on a Monday this year and I have three hours of classes so on the Sunday before it we're going to go for pizza and some shopping. Then on Monday, I'll have a nice breakfast at home with my Mam with lots of pastries, followed by a cosy evening having cake with the rest of my family. I'm the baker in the family and I don't normally make myself a cake but this year I really fancy whipping up a Lotus Biscoff cake and I might make some autumnal cookies too - you can never have too many sweet treats on your birthday after all!

2. Start Working On Assignments & Studying For Exams:
My course has a lot of heavy required reading so I'm already knee-deep into that but it's very easy to spend too much time on reading and research, and not get started with assignments or practical work for exams. So this month I want to schedule in time to get started on assignments and essay prep for exams so that I can pace myself with the workload and not leave it all to last minute! 

3. Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance:
Now that my workload for university will be getting heavier this month, I want to try to establish and maintain a good work-life balance as it's something I've struggled with in the past. I want to make sure I find a good balance with everything and make time for everything in my life from my blog to assignments/projects to family to social life and downtime for myself too.  

4. Finish My EDT Lessons & Maybe Book My Driving Test:
I'm not sure what the process for learning to drive is like in other countries but here in Ireland, we have to do 12 EDT lessons and hold a learner permit for 6 months before you can book your driving test. I've had my learner permit for just over 6 months now as I didn't start my lessons straight away after I got my permit so I can book my test whenever I feel ready within the next few weeks. I still have two more of my EDT lessons to go so this month I want to finish those and think about booking my test - ahh! I honestly thought I'd never get over the stalling phase - I used to stall nearly every time I stopped at traffic lights, haha! - but now I'm starting to get more and more confident with it! I definitely want to do a few more lessons after I've finished the last EDT lesson so I'll see how those go and talk to my instructor to see what he thinks about booking my test.

What are your October goals?

Clíona xx

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