Four Autumn Favourites

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Five Autumn Favourites

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Five Autumn Favourites...

As a beauty enthusiast, my beauty favourites get a lot of airtime on my blog and Instagram but for today's post, I wanted to dedicate some time to share a few recent lifestyle favourites that have been brightening up these dark, dreary evenings for me... 

1. My New Print:
Mapiful is a brand I've admired on Instagram for ages so I was really excited to receive an email from them kindly offering to send me one of their gorgeous map prints*! The idea is that you can create a personalised street map of a place that's special to you or a star map of a day that's special to you. It's such a lovely idea to add a special personal touch to your home! I opted for their pink map of New York as it's my favourite place I've ever visited and it's also where my favourite tv show, Gossip Girl is set. I've displayed the map on my desk so I can dream of New York whilst I'm working on assignments and studying hard during exam season!

2. Owning It Podcast & Book:
I often mention my struggle with anxiety on my blog here and there but one day when I'm ready to share I'd definitely like to talk a bit more in-depth about it. But for now, I wanted to share a recent book and podcast discovery called Owning It: Your Bullsh*t Free Guide To Living With Anxiety by Caroline Foran which is of course, all about anxiety. It has helped me learn so much more about the way anxiety works as well as a bit about the science behind it too which is really interesting and the podcast is really comforting to listen to. There's also a helpful guide for panic attacks in the book and an episode of the podcast. It's definitely worth checking out whether you have anxiety or you just want to learn more about it.

Five Autumn Favourites
Five Autumn Favourites

3. Netflix Faves:
Finding something to watch can be a daunting task these days so I always love to hear other people's Netflix recommendations and I thought I'd include a few fave discoveries that I've enjoyed watching myself recently. Firstly, I just watched Kerry Washington's new film - American Son - at the weekend and it was incredible! I think it was originally a Broadway show so the style is quite different from your typical film with only four characters and set in one room. The dialogue was so powerful, it dealt with such an important topic and Kerry Washington is amazing - I love anything she's in!

For tv series', I've been loving two recently: Lost In Space and Dead To Me. I wasn't expecting much from the first one, to be honest as I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan but it ended up surprising me! I was so glad I watched Dead To Me in October during the lead up to Halloween as it's a bit of a mystery with a comedy twist - so it had a slight creepy, mystery vibe but it was still very light to watch!

4. Gratitude Journalling:
I had wanted to start a gratitude journal for so long but I kept putting it off as it seemed a bit daunting to get started with. However, when I started back at university, I knew it was going to be hard for me with my anxiety so I thought trying a gratitude journal might help to just get my thoughts down on paper so they're not overwhelming me. Even though I forget to fill it in sometimes it's so nice to be able to just get my thoughts and things I'm grateful for down onto a page to put things into perspective and it's nice to look back on too.

Originally I wasn't sure whether I should get a specific gratitude journal with the prompts already written out or if I should get a blank notebook so I could just write whatever I wanted. I opted for the latter and I'm so glad I did as I can tailor it each day to however I'm feeling. I do a weekly page where I pick three things I'm looking forward to that week, two-three things that I might find difficult and how can I help overcome those difficulties and three goals for the week.
For my daily pages, I have a mantra of the day where I pick nice quotes on Pinterest according to how I'm feeling - my favourite one so far was 'don't stress, do your best, forget the rest' - as well as three things I'm grateful for that day and any other thoughts/feelings I had that day too. I honestly recommend it to anyone but especially if you struggle with anxiety!

What are you currently loving?

Clíona xx

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