The Magic Of Christmas

Monday, 23 December 2019

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The Magic Of Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve Eve as Pheobe from Friends would say! To celebrate all things Christmas the lovely Leighanne and I have been working on a festive post together to find out what makes Christmas magic for both of us by answering a list of festive-themed questions. Without further ado here are my favourite Christmas memories and traditions and head over to Leighanne's blog as well to see her magical Christmas traditions... 

1. Your Favourite Christmas films.
The first and second Home Alone films are my favourite. They're just so magical and funny! I especially love Home Alone 2 because you get to see all the lovely sights in NYC!

2. What's your favourite Christmas candle?
I'm obsessed with The White Company Winter candle. It smells of warm winter spices so it's perfect for Christmas and I love the minimal classic packaging too - it looks timeless on my vanity table! 

3. What's your Christmas tree colour scheme/theme this year?
We have a mixture of pink, white, gold and silver decorations on our tree with warm lights. It's very girly with some ballerinas, a nutcracker, a pink rose, turtle doves and lots of other lovely ornaments. We love it and it makes the house feel so cosy!

4. What's your favourite Christmas memory?
My favourite memory is visiting New York a few days after Christmas a few years ago. It was the best trip I've ever been on - NYC is so magical at Christmastime! We were there for New Year's Eve so there was an amazing atmosphere and I still have some of the confetti we caught at the Time's Square ball drop! 

5.  Have you any special Christmas traditions?
My favourite Christmas tradition is getting a new pair of pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve and I make the dessert for Christmas every year which is another tradition I love as I love baking. This year I'm making a chocolate yule log - yum!

6. Do you prefer real or fake Christmas trees?
We've had both fake and real trees over the years and I like both but at the moment I prefer false trees as we have a snow-covered one and I think it looks so magical! It also means we can put the tree up earlier as you don't have to worry about it turning brown, haha! 

7. Your favourite Christmas food and desserts.
For the dinner, I like Yorkshire puddings as I don't tend to have them often so they're a nice little treat and for dessert, I love trifle and chocolate yule logs - the dessert is my favourite part of Christmas dinner *insert the monkey with his hands over his mouth emoji*

8. If you could visit anywhere at Christmas time, where would you go?
Definitely New York again! It's the most magical place at Christmas!

9. Are you an early riser or do you sleep in on Christmas morning?
We usually get up around 8am just to try and make the most of the day and I think that's a nice time - not too early or too late! 

10. What are you most looking forward to during the festive period?
I'm looking forward to relaxing, watching films, eating yummy food and spending time with my family. It's my nephew's first Christmas and my niece who is almost three understands Christmas a lot better this year so I'm really excited to see them and see my niece's reaction to her presents - so exciting! 

11. What's your favourite beauty product for the festive period?
I love sparkly eyeshadow for the festive period and the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quads are my favourite. I'm planning on wearing The Vintage Vamp palette on Christmas Day as it has some nice vampy purple shades and a sparkly gold shade so it's perfect for Christmas.

12. Do you like to stay in your pyjamas or dress up on Christmas Day?
I usually stay in my pyjamas in the morning whilst opening presents and I then get dressed up later for dinner in the evening. So I get the best of both worlds!

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Clíona xx 

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