February To Do List

Sunday, 2 February 2020

February To Do List

February To-Do List...

It feels like I haven't sat down to write a monthly to-do list post in ages as I did a festive to-do list post in December and a new year goals post in January instead. But the monthly roundups are back and my to-do list for February is very much focussed around my goals for the year as I want to continue taking steps towards achieving them. 

1. More driving practice & (hopefully!) pass my driving test:
If you follow me on Instagram then you might've heard that I failed my driving test a couple of weeks ago which was disappointing. The test route is full of small roads with cars parked on both sides of the road so the biggest issue for me is progress as I'm so slow and afraid to go up the gears where the cars are parked on both sides of the road. I'm fine on the main roads and I can get my speed up to the speed limit so I just need to practice more on the smaller roads. I want to get a lot of practice done and really focus on passing the test this month - I've booked it already so I'm just waiting for them to give me a date so hopefully, it won't be too long!

2. Read 2 books:
My reading goal for the year is two books a month but I only managed to get one finished last month so this month I'd like to get back on track with my reading goal and finish two books whilst the beginning of the next semester will be somewhat quiet. 

3. Stick to my fitness routine:
I feel like I'm still getting back into my usual routine after Christmas and the exams in January, dedicating more time to my hobbies and self-care and in January I got back into my fitness routine which went out the window towards the end of the semester. I got back into yoga with the annual 30 Days Of Yoga challenge on Yoga With Adriene's YouTube channel so I want to keep regular yoga practice in my weekly schedule and I'm aiming for three times a week because I feel like that's manageable. 

I mentioned in my new year goals post that I wanted to get back into running this year and I was going to wait until closer to Summer but I'm thinking I might start this month instead because why wait! The hint of the evenings starting to get brighter recently has made me excited for Spring and I just want to get out in the fresh air more!  

4. Plan ahead for the blog:
Another thing I'm trying to get back into a good routine with is blogging. Taking photos is definitely harder in the Winter when you rely on natural light as daylight hours are limited, the weather is often gloomy and the only sunny days during the week seem to be when I have classes! At the moment, I'm trying to plan photos well ahead of time because writing posts isn't the issue as I can just do that anytime day or night and I want to start taking some backup photos that I can use for lifestyle posts too. It's nice to be able to post spontaneously but when I have classes and assignments planning is key for me so it'll be a month of organising blog content and getting back into it after taking a little break after my exams.

5. Bake some sweet treats:
Baking is one of my favourite hobbies but I also haven't had much time or energy for it recently. Seeing as Valentine's Day is coming up soon it's the perfect time to whip up some festive cupcakes and last weekend I made really nice Jammie Dodger cupcakes which were amazing! They're in my 'January' Insta Story highlight if you'd like to see how they turned out and I used this recipe from Jane's Patisserie. I want to set aside some time to bake something nice again one of the weekends this month and for my next bake I'm thinking of trying her Mint Aero Brownies - they look delicious!

What's on your February to-do list?

Clíona xx

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