A Few Thoughts On Blogging After 6 Years

Sunday, 29 March 2020

A few thoughts on blogging after 6 years

A Few Thoughts On Blogging After 6 Years...

Back in January, it was my blog's 6th anniversary and I actually can't believe I'm now in my 7th year doing this! I had intended to write a blog post to mark my 5 year anniversary last year but I just never got around to it but during my recent blogging break, I was in a reflecting mood so I thought I'd write a roundup of a few thoughts I have on blogging after 6 years...

1. It's hard work...
The biggest thing I've learnt about blogging is how much time and work is involved in it. There's a lot that has to be organised to be able to blog regularly and at times it can be difficult to manage it alongside everything else in life. I'm not always good at staying organised with posting but even if I'm taking a break from uploading I always like to set aside some time each week to do some blogging whether that's writing a list of ideas, tweaking my blog design, taking photos etc. I'm also really proud that I've managed to stick to it for this long and I hope I'll be blogging long into the future!

2. Consistency is key but it's also ok to take breaks...
This definitely relates to the first point and another thing I've learnt is that consistency is key to blogging and not just for growth/views but also maintaining motivation and creativity. Consistency is different for everyone and it's different for me at different times of the year too. Sometimes I post a couple of times a week and sometimes I just post once or twice a month but I find that a good balance between consistency and taking breaks works well for me to avoid burnout.

3. Writer's block is real and creativity doesn't always come easily but my creativity mojo always comes back eventually...
Writer's block and hitting a creativity slump is probably the most frustrating thing about blogging! It's been a struggle to feel creative lately with everything going on but I decided to just let myself have the break that I clearly needed and I was thinking of some ideas here and there that I could do whenever I felt like returning to it. Thankfully my creative mojo seems to be coming back although it's a little slower than usual but that's to be expected at the moment. I know it's something that happens to us all and I try to not let it frustrate me the way it used to so now I just take a little break and come back to it whenever I'm ready.

4. Thankful for the skills it has taught me that I can bring into my career...
The best thing about blogging for me has been finding my creativity. I always thought I was a creative person but I wasn't actually doing anything creative, haha because I'm hopeless at art and I'm not really a musical/drama person either. But once I started blogging I finally felt like I found 'my thing' and it helped me choose what I wanted to study in college. For a while, I considered primary teaching and I know I would've loved it if I ended up doing it but I just think the media industry is where I'm meant to be! The blog has given me skills like photography, writing, email communications/PR, basic HTML etc. that will be handy for my studies and future career. 
5. Invest time and content on my blog and not focus solely on Instagram...
The blogging industry has changed a lot since I first started and for the most part, I like how it has evolved - there are new ways to express creativity, people are posting quality over quantity, there has been a shift away from sticking to one niche and incorporating different types of content and of course, people are able to earn money from it with all different sizes of audiences which is amazing! But one of the changes that makes me a bit sad is replacing blogging with Instagram. I can definitely see why people choose to go down that route and it probably suits busy lifestyles but it does make me sad that some of my favourite blogs aren't around anymore. 

Even though I don't love Instagram as much as I used to, I still enjoy it because I love being able to have an extra place to share photos and get creative with stories as I love the photography part of blogging! But my blog will always be my number one and this year I want to dedicate even more time to focus on creating posts and just using Instagram to mainly promote my blog posts and pop up a few extra photos here and there too. I think blogging still has a place and is valuable in a way that Instagram isn't. Recently a brand told me that they appreciated the blog post I wrote for them as it's rare these days which just goes to show that blogging still has benefits to it and brands will always appreciate blog reviews because they're searchable so they don't get buried in the midst of content like on Instagram. 

6. Just enjoy it... 
Some of the things I've mentioned above as well as getting too caught up in numbers and doubting myself can sometimes make me overthink my blog and whether I'm doing things right, being creative enough or if I should be doing more with it. But at the end of the day, there's no right or wrong approach to blogging so this past year I've been trying to let go of that doubt and just enjoy it more. My approach to planning content has completely changed as I no longer look at what style of content has done well on my blog before and I try to post whatever I'm feeling or is relevant to my life at the time. 

What are your thoughts on blogging at the moment?

Clíona xx

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