Five Ways To Refresh Your Blog & 20 At-Home Blog Post Ideas

Sunday, 17 May 2020


Five Ways To Refresh Your Blog

Now that I've been blogging for over six years, I'm finding that creative blocks are becoming more inevitable each year. So far this year I've been struggling with motivation and creativity a lot more than usual as I found semester two of college really draining. Usually, when this happens I like to take a step back and reevaluate what has helped me through creative slumps before. After a short break after submitting my last assignment, I'm slowly starting to get my mojo back so I thought I would share some of the things that are helping me get back on track and refreshing my blog in case anyone else is using this time at home to get back into blogging. 

1. Have an hour brainstorm session and use visual aids and reading to help
Sometimes all I need to feel organised and bursting with ideas again is to set aside an hour for a brainstorm session. I've spoken about this before in my finding blog inspiration post but I usually like to have a browse through my blog at old posts to see what type of content worked well and if there are any posts that I can do an updated version of. For beauty posts, I have a rummage through my makeup drawers and my skincare shelfie to see what beauty themed posts I can work on and for lifestyle posts, I usually read blogs, articles, youtube and search through the Instagram explore feed to see if there any trends I can put my own spin on. 

Visuals and reading books and articles are always a great way to feel inspired and I recently picked up a magazine for the first time in ages which was really helpful for sparking some fresh ideas! Pinterest is also an excellent tool for creating mood boards and I like to pin images as well as colour samples which help me stick to my colour shceme.

2. Incorporate New Content
When I want to refresh my blog, the first thing I try is playing around with a new edit for my photos, so I've been making subtle changes to the way I edit photos, but although it's subtle I think it makes a big impact. 

I've also been experimenting with video content recently as I uploaded my first IGTV video and I've been enjoying planning some new videos! Instagram Stories is an easier way to incorporate more video content into your blog and when I feel like my content needs a refresh I find new filters or new ways to edit them. Some of my favourite Instagram story filters at the moment include film 01 and analog 02 by elenagoues and rose gold by ya.molli.

My final step for incorporating new content is to push myself completely out of my comfort zone and I think a good way to do that would be to start a newsletter! I've wanted to start one ever since I read Lauren's post about six reasons to start a newsletter and I just never got around to it but I feel like now is the perfect time to stop putting off things that I want to do. I'll definitely be looking into it and hopefully, I can figure out to start one... despite blogging for six years and being a media student, I'm actually not that tech-savvy, haha!

3. Create A Series
Creating a new series is perfect for making sure I always have a few backup ideas that I can return to. Series have come and gone on my blog as my content is always evolving and recently, I've come up with a new idea instead of my usual monthly goals posts as I was starting to get a bit bored of them so I can't wait to share that at the end of this month! 

4. Admin
I tend to put off some of the boring admin jobs that are part and parcel of running a blog but they give my blog a glow-up and makes it feel refreshed! Fixing broken links, updating Reward Style widgets, updating my email signature and media kit etc. are some of the tasks that I lack motivation to do but I always feel so much better when they're done.

5. New apps or features on your website
Now is the perfect time to spruce up your website layout and there's a lot of simple ways you can make your blog feel like new or add some interesting new features without spending money on a whole new template. You can add new widgets to your sidebar, change the colour of the menu bar at the top of the page or design a new header image. I kept my updates quite simple by adding my Goodreads account to my sidebar to (hopefully!) motivate me to incorporate more reading content on my blog and I also changed my 'featured post' which has given my sidebar a new lease of life if you ask me! 

Downloading some new apps is another great way to refresh blog content and I recently downloaded the A Colour Story app and treated myself to Kate La Vie's effects pack which has made editing photos new and exciting!

20 At-Home Blog Post Ideas

1. Morning/evening routine
2. Recipes 

3. Favourite books, tv shows and films
4. WFH / at-home minimal makeup routine 
5. At-home outfit ideas
6. A photo diary of your favourite corners of your home
7. Summer beauty favourites
8. Blogging tips & tricks
9. Skincare routine
10. Top five products from different categories i.e. skincare, foundations, lipsticks etc.
11. A lazy/cosy day routine
12. Favourite summer scents - perfumes, candles, diffusers etc.
13. Pamper evening routine
14. Summer capsule wardrobe 
15. Shopping my stash
16. Goals or to-do lists
17. Life lately
18. Five things I'm grateful for
19. Haircare and styling routine
20. A beauty wish list
 What are your favourite ways to refresh your blog?

Clíona xx

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