Four Goals For May

Sunday, 3 May 2020

May Goals Blog Post

Four Goals For May...

Another month over and I'm feeling positive for the Summer months ahead, no matter how uncertain they might be. There's always something to look forward to and I've compiled a list of four goals/things to look forward to for the month ahead. I've just finished my last assignment which means I can relax for the summer now and like most of us at the moment, I have no plans for the months ahead so a lot of relaxing, blogging, pamper sessions and Friends marathons are on the cards - I can't wait!

1. Create content & step out of my comfort zone:
Now that I'll have more free time on my hands I want to spend my days blogging at my desk with my favourite candle lighting - bliss! I'm feeling really inspired with my blog at the moment so I cannot wait to get stuck into working on some of the ideas I have! I've been enjoying incorporating more lifestyle content recently and I'd like to post more lifestyle posts over the summer... from mirror ootd pics to monthly outfit diaries to behind the scenes of my blog and life as well as some classic beauty posts thrown into the mix too. 

I want to give my content a refresh and try some new things to help me stay inspired and after posting my first IGTV video, I'm excited to explore video content a bit more. I've wanted to include video content on my blog for years but never knew how to go about it as Youtube has never really appealed to me. IGTV turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it was going to be so I'm looking forward to posting more on there - if there's anything you'd like to see then let me know!

May Goals Blog Post

2. Reading half-hour:
I love reading but I find it hard when I'm studying and doing assignments as when I'm reading and writing a lot, the last thing I want to do in the evenings to unwind is more reading *insert the monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji* But now that I have more time I'm dedicating at least a half an hour to reading each day and calling it my reading half-hour in my diary to make sure I stick to it! I have three books that I've been meaning to read for over a year and I just never get around to them so now is the time to finally get stuck into them! Our libraries are due to open again next month if all goes well with the initial phase of easing restrictions so I'm hoping these books will last until then! 

3. Self-care:
I wanted my goals to be easy this month and I'm not going to be hard on myself if I'm not super productive as I definitely need a rest after the college year. Some days my only plans will be little self-care goals from treating my skin to a face mask twice a week to a 10-minute yoga routine to just getting dressed and popping a 5-minute makeup look on to make myself feel good. 

4. Treat my hair:
Seeing as it'll be a while yet until we'll get to the hairdressers, I want to take the time to treat my hair to some nourishing products and I want to experiment with some new hairstyles. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair... usually a quick run-through of my straighteners and popping a hairband on is about the only styling it ever gets. But I've ordered a new waver that I've seen people raving about so hopefully it'll arrive at some stage this month so I can experiment with wavy hair and I also want to learn how to do different types of braids for lazy days. 

Have you any goals for May?

Clíona xx

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